1. Verify eligibility.
  2. Click on the sport you are interested in joining and click the online registration link once registration is open.
  3. Print and submit CYO Pre-Participation Form/Medical Emergency Authorization Form to St Francis Xavier Registrar. Scan and email to or drop off at the Rectory office.      CYO 2020 PreParticipation Form (Note this is a new form that includes language related to COVID19)
  4. Submit a copy of athletes birth certificate if first time participant.  Scan and email to


  • Students enrolled in a St. Francis Xavier Parish School of Religion (PSR) program and are actively attending are eligible.
  • Students enrolled in St. Francis Xavier School are eligible.
  • High school students whose families are enrolled as St. Francis Xavier parishioners are eligible.
  • Students enrolled in PSR at a parish other than St Francis Xavier may be eligible. You must determine the closest Parish to your home address and then contact the one nearest to your home for information.  To find out which parish/school is the nearest to your residence, you must use the Diocese of Cleveland Parish Locator by clicking here.  Simply type in your complete address, set the distance to “10 miles” and click search.
  • These students must submit an Eligibility Request Form (ERF) to determine eligibility. This form must be signed by multiple parties prior to submission to St Francis Xavier, including the student’s home parish, and any other parishes involved in releasing the athlete to St Francis Xavier. AFTER THIS FORM IS COMPLETED BY ALL THE OTHER PARISHES INVOLVED, it must be submitted to the attention of the St Francis Xavier Athletic Director, St. Francis Xavier Parish, 606 E. Washington St., Medina, Ohio 44256. Athletes cannot be assigned to an St Francis Xavier team until the paperwork is signed by all parishes involved and approved by St Francis Xavier and CYO.
  • Athletes who do not fall into one of the above categories are ineligible and should not register to participate in CYO sports through St Francis Xavier.


(Note this is a new form that includes language related to COVID19)  

 Click here for  2020 PreParticipation Form

Each child that wishes to participate in the Diocese of Cleveland CYO must have a current and complete Preparticipation Form on file with the sponsor of the team before they participate in any practice, scrimmage or competition.  The Preparticipation Form consists of 5 pages.  All sections must be complete and current in order for the form to be valid and for the child to authorized to participate in practices, scrimmages or games.  The Preparticipation Form will become invalid in any of the information contained in the information/release section or emergency medical authorization section of the form changes or if 13 months have elapsed since the date of the physical exam.

The link for the CYO 2020 PreParticipation Form contains five pages. 

  • All five pages must be filed annually with the St Francis Xavier Registrar. St Francis Xavier keeps all Pre-Participation Forms on file in a central location per CYO regulations. Send the Pre-Participation Form to the St Francis Xavier Registrar (

Options for submitting the 2020 PreParticipation Form and the Emergency Medical Authorization Form— to the St Francis Xavier Registrar:

  • Scan and email to
  • Mail to or drop off at: St. Francis Xavier Parish, 606 E. Washington St., Medina, Ohio 44256 ATTN: CYO REGISTRAR

The CYO 2020 PreParticipation Form requires a physician signature.  You may attach a current physical to replace the physician signature but all five pages of this form must be submitted.

The CYO 2020 PreParticipation Form must be filed prior to participation in any practices or games. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in CYO sanctions (coach suspensions and game forfeits) against our organization. Thus, athletes will not be placed on a team without a current CYO Pre-Participation Form on file with the St Francis Xavier Registrar.



St Francis Xavier encourages participation in CYO sports for the wellness benefits of St Francis Xavier students and parishioners, but also for the Catholic-centered athletic environment. Our goal is to involve as many athletes as possible in our programs. A family’s personal financial situation should never prohibit a child from participating. Financial assistance is available by contacting  All inquiries are handled confidentially.