The CYO Cross Country Program is conducted in the fall for boys and girls in grades 3-8. Practice begins August 1st and the season concludes in Early November.  Practice days, times and locations will be announced by the coaches.  Schedules will handled by CYO and they determine meet times and locations.   Information can change without notice.

All participants must either be enrolled in St. Francis Xavier School, be registered at St Francis Xavier Church, home schooled and be enrolled in and actively attending a parish school of religion program for a complete year.  In addition, the athlete cannot be a member of any other Cross Country team during the CYO Cross Country season.
Check under “Athlete Registration” on this website for more eligibility requirements if you are not a registered St Francis Xavier Parishioner.

Sports participants are required to fill out an official CYO Pre Participation form signed by a physician which must be good for 13 months and include the entire cross country season. This form must be on file with the St Francis Xavier Registrar BEFORE a runner can practice or participate in this sport.  Forms can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  (Note this is a new form that includes new language related to COVID19)

All first year sports participants must provide a copy of their birth certificate which will permanently remain on file.

Cross Country fee is $80 per child.  Included in the fee are charges for regular meets.  A uniform will be issued and must be returned after the season ends.  Issued t-shirt and shorts must be worn for each event.  No deviations will be accepted and are grounds for disqualification.    Optional black only tights may be worn under shorts.  See coach for details.

Registration for Cross Country is open now until August 8th 2020.  Fee is $80 per athlete.

2020 PreParticipation Form

In addition to General Guidelines Fall Sports 2020
July 23, 2020
Subject to change
1. A virtual race concept will be held on the same date, same course as teams are scheduled.
2. Staggered, wave, interval start times will minimize the risk. Staggered starts by team insures
low risk as pods of runners from a parish/school are already practicing together and are a low
risk as runners pass others on course due to physical distancing and short duration of potential
close contact.
3. Runners from the same team will be spaced 6’ apart on the starting line whenever possible.
Starting space between starting boxes will be expanded.
4. Physical distancing will be maintained at all times; no hugging, shaking hands, fist bum[s fpr
support or encouragement.
5. Teams would be assigned a starting time, warm-up, run, cool down, then leave keeping
gathering to a minimum. (See meet site plan).
6. No walking courses pre- race, runners study maps during the week, explanations available at
registration table.
7. No congregating with teams, athletes, coaches, spectators.
8. No dogs.
9. When possible, courses will be designed to widen to at least 6’ at its narrowest point.
10. Due to the virtual race concept, no tents.
1. Do not share clothing.
2. Do not share water, food, or other items.
3. Do not congregate at the finish line.
1. All spectators must wear masks the entire time.
2. The number of spectators is restricted to a maximum of 5.
3. Physical distancing required at all times.
4. No spectators permitted by the start and finish lines.
5. Cloth masks permitted.
1. Coaches will take attendance at every practices and competition in case of contact tracing is
needed. The CYO monitoring form will be used.
2. Communicate and monitor guidelines clearly to each athlete.
3. To limit exposure, conduct practices in pods of the same athletes.
4. Masks required of all coaches.
5. Must maintain 6’ spacing between athletes at the start and finish lines.
6. Provide sanitizer at each practice and meet. Distribute often and frequently to athletes and
coaching staff.
Host parish/school
1. Must wear masks.
2. Bring sanitizer.
3. Maintain physical distance at all times.
4. Use radio contact to registration table as needed.
1. Only 1 starter – mask required.
2. No starter meeting with athletes.
3. Bring personal sanitizer.
4. Maintain physical distancing at all time.
5. No physical contact at any time.
Meet Modifications
1. No pre-meet coach’s meeting.
2. CYO forms will be discussed at the pre-season coach’s meeting in August.
3. Results posted the Monday after the meet.
4. All staff will wear masks.
5. Limited time of starting procedures instructions.
6. No awards.