CYO Volleyball is open to children in grades 3-12.  CYO administers a Volleyball program for the girls in grades 3-8 in the Fall season. Boys in grades 3-8 and High School grades 9-12 (girls and coed) in the Spring season.  Practice for the Fall Season (Grade School Girls) may begin on August 1, while practice for the Spring Season (Grade School Boys and High School) may begin on March 1.

All participants must be parishioners of St. Francis Xavier and/or enrolled in St. Francis Xavier School. Public school or homeschool students must be enrolled in and actively attending a Parish School of Religion program for a complete year. Check under “Athlete Registration” on this website for more eligibility requirements if you are not a registered St Francis Xavier Parishioner.

Sports participants are required to fill out an official CYO Pre Participation form signed by a physician which must be good for 13 months and include the entire season. This form must be on file with the St Francis Xavier Registrar BEFORE an athlete can practice or participate in this sport.  Forms can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  (Note this is a new form that includes language related to COVID19)

All first year sports participants must provide a copy of their birth certificate which will permanently remain on file.

Registration will begin in January for Spring HS and Boys Grade School and late May for Girls Grade School. 

The cost for Grade School volleyball is grades 3-6 $100 per athlete and grades 7-8 are $110 per athlete.

High School Volleyball is $100 per athlete.

Registration ends July 30, 2020.

2020 PreParticipation Form

In addition to General Guidelines Fall sports 2020
July 22, 2020
Subject to change
 General:
1. There will be no strength (A teams, B teams ….) for conferencing. Teams will be scheduled within their
geographical area (their own county) for all divisions and all conferences. If you have more than one team
in grades 6, 7 or 8, then you may divide your teams in an upper and lower team or evenly balanced. If you
have more than one team in grades 3-5, they must be balanced. More registration information coming.
2. Only athletes and coaches are permitted to attend practices.
3. Only practice is permitted – To minimize exposure, no scrimmages with other teams will be permitted.
4. No shared gyms – each team gets their own time – even if shortened. (Unless divided by a curtain).
5. Ventilation is important; open doors and windows.
6. The first two weeks coaches should do your best not do any drills with any more than six athletes on one side of
the court.
 Spectators
1. Only two adult parents, guardians per athlete. No siblings or other guests.
2. Parents/Guardians may enter the gym after both teams are at the bench areas-10 minutes prior to match
time. Gyms will be cleared before the next group of spectators are permitted in. Procedures will be
discussed at coach’s & site director trainings.
3. The spectator area is marked off to comply with 6’ physical distancing.
4. Masks must be worn at all times.
5. No spectators on the floor or in the bench area.
 Athletes
1. Masks in and masks out; no mask required during play.
2. Personal items (kneepads, water bottles) are not shared; each athlete will bring their own.
3. To minimize disinfecting no benches or chairs in the bench area. Athletes will
 Coaches
1. Masks in and masks out; no mask required during competition.
2. Coaches will take attendance at every practices and competition.
3. Before practice/competition ask each player health questions. These will be discussed at the coach’s
4. Time outs will be conducted at the sideline 6’ apart when possible.
5. Coaches bring their own practice and game balls. At practices, balls are disinfected before and after
practices as determined by each parish/school.
6. Scoresheets, lineup cards explained at coach’s meetings.
 Officials & match management
1. Officials wear masks and use electronic whistle to avoid spreading respiratory droplets.
2. Time outs – full 60 seconds will allow for player/equipment sanitation.
3. No lines person. The official will do their best to call the lines.
 Game modifications
1. Each team provides two sanitized balls per match. A 3-4 ball system, at minimum, rotating in a “cleaned”
ball will be discussed at coach’s meetings.
2. Substitution will occur behind the 10’ line.
3. Visiting team gets 5 minutes to warm up, and then home team gets 5 minutes to warm up – NOT at the
same time.
4. No coin flip – visiting teams serves first.
5. Teams will not switch benches between sets.
6. No blocking grades 3-7.
7. No player benches/chairs. Less to sanitize.
8. One scorer, one scorer table, one scorer chair. No tracker. Only one scorer at the scorer table. Second
staffer to facilitate with compliance of general guidelines.
9. Spectators will leave the gym then the visiting team then the home team.
10. Other – as discussed at coach’s meetings.

CYO inspires young people to know God, to love God, and to serve God through athletics.
1:00 PM start
11:30 Site Director arrives at the facility
Sets up scorer table, scoreboard & bleachers
Hangs CYO placards and CoVid-19 signs throughout facility
Tapes off water cooler
11:45 Sets up net, official stand & pole covers
12:00 Checks restrooms
Assures all areas of concern are sanitized I.e. doorknobs
Ropes off designated people areas
12:20 Site staff arrives – prepares table for competition
12:30 Official arrives
Confirms playable area readiness
Teams and coaches allowed to enter, maintaining physical distancing
12:40 Spectator doors open, maintaining social distancing – sit in designated areas
All coaches confer with table of any roster changes
12:43 Five-minute warm-up countdown clock starts
Visiting team takes the court
During warm ups, team should be split on either side of net
Partner passing
Hitting and shagging
Serving from both end lines
12:47 Warning horn sounds
12:48 Teams switch
Reset and restart 5-minute warm-up countdown clock
Home team has the court
12:52: Warning horn sounds
12:53 Horn signals end of warm-up
Coaches line up numbers due at table
12:54 Announcements and prayer
1:00 First whistle – competition begins
End of Match Spectators remain in their seats, stand for prayer
Spectators file out, row by row, pod by pod, observing social distance
Players exit after spectators and meet their families outside of the facility. Visitors then home team.
When gym is clear, site management completes disinfecting protocols
Check restrooms
2:10 Repeat procedures starting with 12:30 as indicated above
Next match begins