St Francis Xavier Parish Rules for CYO sports
1. Attending practices and games are necessary for teams and individual success. Players are expected to attend every practice and game unless they are absent from school due to illness/injury or contact a coach before practice or games. Failing to do so results in an unexcused occurrence.
2. Be on time for practice.
3. 100% effort is requested at all times. Players are required to listen quietly when the coaches are teaching.
4. Inappropriate behavior or gestures at any time are unacceptable behavior.
5. You are responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued to you. You will be charged for the full replacement cost for any equipment or uniform that is lost, damaged or stolen.
6. Players will not wear their SFX assigned uniforms for anything other than CYO or tournament games.
7. Players who quit the team are responsible for notifying his/her coach immediately.
8. Report any injury of any type to a coach immediately.
9. You are expected to work diligently toward earning good grades in school.
10. There is a zero tolerance on this team for violence or the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or criminal activity.
11. Treat all coaches, officials, spectators and other players with respect and dignity.
12. You are expected to follow all school rules and all rules established by CYO while on this team.
13. Violations will result in being denied participation or reduction of playing time.