All individuals interested in coaching for St. Francis Xavier CYO sports must complete the following steps PRIOR to any involvement with the players.  Once you have completed all the requirements you will receive your coaching credentials from your Athletic Director or CYO.


Send all completed forms relating to coaching to


1. Virtus Training
2. Background Check 
3. Coaches Development Program (CDP)
4. Online Concussion Training
5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) (Lindsay’s Law)
6. Sign coaches contract and return the the Athletic Director




1. Virtus training (complete A,B,C and D)

A) VIRTUS TRAINING CERTIFICATION: To pre-register for a class, go to  and click on “First-Time Registrant” in the left column to begin the registration process.  Select “Cleveland, OH (Diocese)” as your organization. Create a username and password.  Click “Continue” to fill in the remaining information.  List “St. Francis Xavier, Medina” as your primary location. 

This is also the process of setting up your online account.


B) ONLINE TRAINING BULLETINS:  After you attend Virtus training, you will receive periodic email training updates. These brief articles are followed by one question, with multiple-choice answers, to verify that the content was understood.  A record of your ongoing progress will be kept for diocesan records. All Virtus-trained personnel should be current with the online training bulletins.


To view the videos:  Click on “In-Service Videos.”

The videos provide updates and reminders as to the Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse and the Standards of Conduct for Ministry. In June 2016, Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon promulgated revised editions to these documents.

D) TWO REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  Read and sign after the In-Service videos are viewed.

Click on the link to access the revised documents, under “Policies for Download.”

Click on Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse: Revised June 2016. 

Next, click on Standards of Conduct for Ministry: Revised June 2016.

Please return the signed and dated forms to Lori at the parish office and send a copy to


2. Background check.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Note: Fee $25.00 (you may submit your receipt to the parish office for reimbursement).  

After you have pre-registered for your Virtus class and set up your virtus account, you will be prompted to obtain a background check through For RETURNING volunteers whose background check was done prior to December 31, 2013, you will need to enroll in the program. You may enroll through your account, follow the prompts to enroll in and receive a current background check. If you already have a Virtus account and have a current background check, you do not need to enroll in at this time. Note: If there is no prompt to register at, please contact Lori Hrnchar at the parish office: 330-764-8951

3. Coaches Development Program.

In order to receive  your coaches credentials and be on the bench/field during competition you must complete the CYO Coaches Development Program.
Every coach that is on a sideline/bench must wear their credential throughout the CYO event.

Information for this program is found on the Diocese of Cleveland CYO page or click on the link below.  Follow the instructions to register and attend a session before the season begins.  Once you have completed the course you will receive an empty lanyard.  Once you complete all steps of becoming a coach you will receive your credentials to put in your lanyard.

Coaches Development Page

Please pay online and save your receipt.  Coaching is a volunteer position. St Francis Xavier CYO will reimburse you any out of pocket expenses.  Save your receipts and submit them to for reimbursement.  Please include your name and address on the receipt.

4. Concussion Training Requirements
Individuals are not allowed to serve as a coach without:

– Successfully completing, every three years, an online training program in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussions and head injuries provided by the Ohio Department of Health


CYO requires coaches to take the following on-line training course in order to meet the requirements of Ohio’s law on concussions:

Once the training is complete, coaches must print and submit the completion certificate via email to

Please visit the Diocese of Cleveland CYO website for more information on any of the above topics.

5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) (Lindsay’s Law)

The law requires all of Ohio’s teachers and coaches to undergo education on recognizing the symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), approved by the department of health, on an annual basis.  The Ohio High School Athlete Association along with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Education have completed the training material and have made it available at this link Lindsay’s Law.  Please note that there is a separate coach and parent component.  Please review the material for use at your upcoming parish/school parent meetings as well as coach’s meetings.

Coaches need to watch the video, print and read the information sheet.  There is no form to sign.

6. Sign coaches contract and send to

Click here to download coaches contract


Head Coaches

  • Grade School Teams – Must be 19 years of age or older & approved by the Member Administrator and Athletic Director of the sponsoring member
  • High School Teams – Must be 25 years of age or older & approved by the Member Administrator and Athletic Director of the sponsoring member.

Assistant Coaches

  • Grade School Teams – Must be 16 years of age or older & approved by the Member Administrator and Athletic Director of the sponsoring member
  • High School Teams – Must be 18 years of age or older & approved by the Member Administrator and Athletic Director of the sponsoring member.

Role of the Coach

The coach is critical in CYO Athletic programs. The coach’s primary role is that of youth ministry leader, therefore, the coach should strive to act at all times as a model of Christ-like values and behaviors. The coach serves young people as a teacher and a mentor who helps them learn important lessons through all athletic experiences. Successes are important for any team. It is the role of the coach to enable the athletes and parents to see success not only in terms of winning. The coach teaches, that by setting achievable personal and team goals and striving for those goals, everyone is successful and “a winner.” In CYO Athletics, success is not measured by the final score. Success is measured by the effort of individuals striving to achieve team goals while respecting themselves, their teammates, and their opponents and at the same time having fun.

We affirm that the heart of CYO Athletics and the key to its success is found in the many volunteers who freely give of their time, energy, resources, and expertise. It is the right of everyone associated with CYO to expect volunteers and CYO staff to model the values and ideals of our Catholic faith. Volunteers therefore must develop their skills through participation in mandatory training to help them learn the CYO philosophy and bring it to life at the parish or local level.

All CYO Athletic programs should contribute to faith-building efforts for young people. These programs can be effective tools when used to invite, welcome and involve all persons into the life of the faith community. The inter-relationship of CYO Athletics with family life, parish life, and school life is essential.

ROOTS calls for all those involved in CYO to respect the Rules-Opponents-Officials-Teammates-Self as they participate in youth sports. Are you honoring our ROOTS?
If you see people disrespecting any of those in ROOTS, then you need address that behavior immediately and/or contact your pastoral designee, coach or CYO through the incident or contact button on the CYO website.
CYO wants to reverse the trends of negative behavior in youth sports, and it can only be done when we are all on board to monitor each other’s conduct toward fulfilling this goal. With all of our efforts we will be the “beacons of light, transforming our lives, our neighborhoods and our world”.

The CYO culture must be at the fore front of all our actions. We must continue to build and honor a culture that fulfills our mission and values.


Responsibilities of a CYO Coach

  • Coaches are responsible to know and be an example of the CYO Mission and Philosophy outlined in Articles 2 and 3 of the Charter for the Diocese of Cleveland.
  • Coaches are required to attend annual pre-season coaches meetings and identified training sessions.
  • Coaches are responsible to teach the rules of the sport and the proper skills, techniques, strategies, and tactics for their sport in an age appropriate manner.
  • Coaches are responsible to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at practice and competitions, to wear required credentials and to be in accordance with Bylaw 8.
  • Coaches are responsible for supervision of their team at practice and competitions. Coaches are also responsible for the conduct of their spectators at competitions.
  • Coaches must be represented at all scheduled practices, games and other events.
  • Coaches may not hold “closed practices”.  Parents, CYO leaders, and Parish leadership may attend practices and contests and are expected to demonstrate behaviors that uphold the mission, values, and best practices of CYO.
  • It is recommended and encouraged to have women acting as head or assistant coaches in girls’ sports. When a girl’s team is coached by men only, it is required that a woman 18 years of age or older be associated with the team, and in attendance at all practices and games.  In the case of a woman coaching a boys team, it is required that a man 18 years of age or older be associated with the team, and is in attendance at all practices and games