Cheer registration is now open for grades 1-8 until July 1, 2024.

We are in need for coaches for grades 1-3 and grades 7-8.

Potential coaches please check the coaching requirements for CYO under the coaches tab on this site.


If you can coach please email for further information.

Cheer registration will be open until July 1 for grades 1-8.        ******We need coaches for Cheer!******

The fee for cheer is $115.

Cheer will be offered in the three divisions:
1. 8th Grade: Only athletes in Grades 5-8 may be rostered and compete on an 8th Grade Squad
2. 6th Grade: Only Athletes in Grades 3-6 may be rostered and compete on a 6th Grade Squad
3. 4th Grade: Only Athletes in Grades 1-4 may be rostered and compete on a 4th Grade Squad

Practices MAY begin the week of July 22 according to the CYO bylaws.  Coaches will contact parents once practice schedules are set.
After rosters close July 1st the AD will determine if there are enough participants and coaches to form a team.  At least 8 per team is required and grades may be combined according to the three divisions.


All participants must be parishioners of St. Francis Xavier and/or enrolled in St. Francis Xavier School. Public school or homeschool students must be enrolled in and actively attending a Parish School of Religion program for a complete year. Check under “Athlete Registration” on this website for more eligibility requirements if you are not a registered St Francis Xavier Parishioner.

Sports participants are required to fill out an official CYO Pre Participation form signed by a physician which must be good for 13 months and include the entire season. This form must be on file with the St Francis Xavier Registrar BEFORE an athlete can practice or participate in this sport.  Forms can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  Please send this form via email to

All first year sports participants must provide a copy of their birth certificate which will permanently remain on file.  Send this to


Cheer registration click here


PreParticipation Form