The 2016-17 SFX-CYO High School Basketball Season is set to begin the week of November 1, 2016.  Athletes must attend practices at St. Francis Xavier gym (HS practices are between the hours of 9-10 pm) and be committed to participate in weekend gamesA CYO pre participation form with a doctor’s signature valid for 13 months and valid for the entire season is required to participate. This must be submitted before the first practice.  Only new registrants will need to attach a copy of their birth certificate with the registration to be filed with St. Francis Xavier. CYO league games will commence the weekend of December 10th, 2016 and continue through mid-February 2017 with tournaments running into early March 2017 Game scheduling is handled by CYO.  If you are trying out for a high school team, we will hold your registration fee and return it to you if you make their team, but returning this form will secure you a place on a CYO team.

To register for Basketball click the link below for the registration form.  Follow the instructions on the form and return by the due date October 19th, 2016.  Mail to Kim Tuchek, address is on the form.

If you are not a member of St Francis Xavier Parish or School please see “how to register for St Francis Xavier sports” under the Athlete Registration tab.

High School Basketball registration form (required)

CYO pre participation form (required)

CYO Basketball is open to grade school age boys and girls in grades 3-8 and high school age boys and girls grades 9-12. Practices begin in early November followed by a regular season that begins in December. The program concludes with the exciting Championship Tournaments held in February and March.

All participants must be parishioners of St. Francis Xavier and/or enrolled in St. Francis Xavier School. Public school or homeschool students must be enrolled in and actively attending a Parish School of Religion program for a complete year. 
Check under “Athlete Registration Requirements” on this website for more eligibility requirements if you are not a registered St Francis Xavier Parishioner.

Each participant on a CYO team roster must have a valid 2020 preparticipation form on file in order to participate in practice, scrimmage or competitions. Players are ineligible to participate without a preparticipation form. The complete 2020 preparticipation form is valid for thirteen months from the date of the medical examiner’s signature. Click on the link below for the new 2020 form which includes Covid19 language.

Scan and email to or drop off at the Rectory office.

All first year sports participants must provide a copy of their birth certificate which will permanently remain on file. Scan and email to

Cost to participate is $110 for grades 3-8 and $120 for high school