Play Like a Champion Today provides education and Leadership training to become ethically responsible Coaches, athletes and parents in an effort to renew the culture of youth sports.

St Francis Xavier is proud to be a PLACT Parish.


Play Like a Champion Today [PLACT]

  • Teaches the spiritual nature of sports
  • Trains coaches to promote moral growth of their athletes
  • Researched-based, child-centered curriculum


Choosing PLACT will train your program to bring the message of the Gospel to your coaches, your athletes, your parents and create a Team of Champions. Pope Francis reminds us that all organizations have a responsibility to invest in, and continue to prepare coaches to live, model and be driven by the mission, values and virtues that empower young people to deepen their relationship with God. With continued training, your coaches will learn how to transform your athletes to become disciples.       

CYO PLACT Trainers:

  • Dr. G. Dobie Moser, co-wrote the curriculum
  • Trains each trainer 


After your coaches are trained, the education continues. Practical applications to elevate your program and alter your culture will be provided through ongoing communications from the headquarters at the University of Notre Dame.

  • Champion Coach’s Note – weekly
  • Champion Athlete & Parent Note – twice monthly
  • Champion Athlete Note – twice monthly

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